A new fly

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The NJ Rainbow Minnow.


My Fenwick FF75 Fiberglass Rod

•April 20, 2009 • 5 Comments

I would like to start by saying a few weeks ago I was really pissed off about the current rods available on the market. Well, I decided to go with a classic glass rod. Here is the info

The first generation Feralite flyrods (1963-1971)

The blanks were initially made by Grizzly, but eventually blank production was brought in house (along with Grizzly). These rods had the patented Feralite ferrule, a tip over butt fiberglass arrangement that has since been copied by almost every other rod maker. These rods were generally full flexing and slow (to a modern graphite trained fisherman). Vic Johnson lists at least 30 fly rods. Even then, Fenwick apparently made non-catalog fly rods and gave them a model number.

FF75 7½ foot, 2 piece, 5 weight

I love this rod if you are a man you should own one.


Fiberglass and Snow

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Doug and I had three good days of fishing with our new rods. As you can see the weather was warm and the company was good.img_2094img_2098img_3688

I have given up on progress

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presentation1Today while fishing in the snow up in RMNP I came to a sudden conclusion that i believe has completely changed my life. I dont need a $700 rod to catch fish, in fact i dont even like my expensive rods, they are too fast, too snooty and way to fucking expensive. As of today i am looking for a slow action glass rod which is more on par with the type of fishing i do and expresses my overall opinion about fishing which is, leave me alone i just want to fish and if you dont i will hurt you. I have already contacted a few rod manufacturers and have narrowed my choices down to two, either a 3-4 8ft Steffen Bros or a McFarland in the same wt and size. steffenrainsteffenrod

I love fishing

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Since I have moved out to Colorado I have been hard pressed to find a job. My only real source of income, other then the side work with the oil company, has been fishing and selling fishing gear. Needless to say I am really starting to enjoy this work and I am looking forward to warmer months when I can test gear and enjoy the outdoors. This is a little look at the gear testing trip I went on with Doug Browning, We fished for three days on the Pouder river about 20 miles from my home. We hooked up over 30 fish  and had a great time.


Fishing With Doug

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High Sticking in on the Pouder

The Car I Want

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